Monday, July 8, 2013

Official Update From Panstoria

Panstoria understands the difficult situation that many of you find yourself in with regard to the future of software developed by Panstoria but sold under a third-party brand name.  We cannot answer all of your questions yet, but are working diligently to be able to do so.  Here is what we can say at this time.

Panstoria Historian (photo editing and organization software)

Panstoria will soon be releasing its Historian software for photo editing and organization.  The Historian software will be 100% compatible with vaults created by other Panstoria-developed photo editing and organization software.  You will not lose any information by opening your vault with Historian.  In fact, the process for moving to Historian is as simple as installing Historian and using the Open Vault function to browse to your current vault.

Panstoria Artisan (digital scrapbooking software)

1. Panstoria’s Artisan software is already available at
2. Artisan can open user-created projects and pages if those projects and pages are in 3.0 format—that is, the project is named “manifest.projectx” and the page files have an extension of “PAGE”.  Files with an extension of SBPAGE cannot be opened by Artisan.  You can use the options on the “File > Save as” or “File > Save project as” menus to save current projects or pages in 3.0 format.  The pages do not have to be saved in JPG format in order to be used by Artisan.
3. Users of Artisan who purchased Artisan prior to August 2011 can open third-party digital content in PACKAGE files (i.e. the file extension is PACKAGE).  However, no Artisan users can presently open third-party digital content in SBKIT files. Artisan is prevented from using this digital content by legal barriers, not technical barriers.  We are hoping to be able to remove those legal barriers.
4. If the digital content from a PACKAGE or SBKIT file has been placed on a page and saved in 3.0 format, then the user can use that content when the page is opened by Artisan.
5. Artisan can use any digital content in JPG, PNG, or TIF formats.
6. Artisan does not have any built-in print provider.  However, you can export your projects and pages in a variety of formats, including JPG and PDF, then upload those projects to be printed at any number of places on the internet.

We do understand everyone’s frustration.  We are doing what we can to address your concerns and the limitations on the use of third-party digital content.  If you are not already on our email list, please go to and fill out the form on the right-hand side of the page to receive updates.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your photo editing, organization, and digital scrapbooking needs in the future.

Panstoria, Inc.
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