I asked some of my customers to tell you about their training experiences.  Here is what they had to say:

I have learned so much from Laurie.  She is able to make hard things easy for me.  In addition she has so many little tricks that have made my scrapbooking journey so much fun.  I love, love, love all of her ideas and feel so blessed to be one of HER students. - Marcy, CA

I am grateful to Laurie Callison for taking the fear of digital scrapbooking away and helping me see how easy and fun it is. She has a wealth of knowledge and when she teaches it, I get it! I love digital scrapbooking so much now and I appreciate Laurie for helping me complete beautiful pages with her easy to use templates and all she has taught me on page design. She's the very best. - Arlene, CA

Laurie is the perfect digital scrapbooking teacher.  Whether you are a computer wiz or a beginner, she seems to be able to communicate instructions so you feel confident with what you are doing.  Her knowledge and background on many types of software give her the capability to help with any question I have.    And her cheery personality is such a pleasure to be around.  Laurie's the first person I ask  when I need personal training or even training for my customers. - Janice - Creative Memories Consultant, CA

"I have been a fan of Laurie's for a couple of years, I am always amazed at her endless knowledge in the digital field!  From one-on-one training to her training videos I learn from everything she teaches.  Her training has allowed me to be more creative with my Creative Memories digital StoryBook program.  I impress all my friends & family with my digital albums & projects.  I'm hooked!" - Diana - Creative Memories Consultant, CA

Laurie's training is amazing!!! It does not matter if you are a high end user of StoryBook or just starting out, she is so good about explaining every little detail of it. Even if you think you know everything about StoryBook you will still learn something new with Laurie's training. She is the best!!!!   Creative Memories is missing out in not using her for their training. - Sandy - Creative Memories Consultant, CA

I would like to add my support of Laurie Callison.  Over the last several months my knowledge and usage of Memory Manager 3.0 and Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 has doubled due to the tutelage of Laurie Callison.  I immensely enjoy her instruction and the camaraderie of her digital workshop group.  Laurie’s template creations are extraordinary.  Using the templates makes finishing projects  easy and makes them look spectacular with little effort.  You do not need to be computer expert to work with Laurie!  Laurie has opened the door to my imagination and thus, I use the product more completely.  Thank you so much Laurie! - Susan -  Creative Memories Consultant, CA

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