Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Thank You" - From Hilary In New Zealand

Hilary designed these pages using the QUICKGRIDS templates.  She lives in New Zealand.  When I found out where she lived, I checked to make sure she was okay considering the huge earthquakes that hit New Zealand recently.  She said she was okay, but there was much devastation, with 98 confirmed dead and 230 missing at the time she emailed me.  She ask me to forward a special thank you from her, to our country.

“Many thanks for the support and personnel arriving from your country.  I would be grateful if you could also forward our thanks from New Zealand for all the support and prays that your country has provided over our terrible earthquake disaster in Christchurch.” – Hilary

“Hilary, Thank you for sharing your beautiful pages and your heartfelt thank you.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you and country at this difficult time.” – Laurie
Hilary - New Zealand

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