Monday, February 21, 2011

QUICKGRIDS Testimonial – “Mom Of Six”

Becky is a busy mom of six children!  She was one of the few people who got a QUICKGRIDS CD before I stopped selling them last year.  I am so thrilled she has time to create pages for her children using my QUICKGRIDS templates.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful children and pages Becky!

“Your QUICKGRIDS and other page templates have saved me this year.  I could not scrapbook without them.  You have kept me going scrapbooking.  I am getting better with the QG’s. Such a great time saver.  I love how you can move things around and they come together so quickly.  I have been able to post pages almost monthly on FB.  It keeps me working.  The QUICKGRIDS are so helpful.  I like how you can use them over and over and they never look the same.  QUICKGRIDS are a fabulous product.  I love using. Thank you!”  - Becky

Becky Boerner1
Becky Boerner2
Becky Boerner3
Do you have pages to share?  I would love to post them here next!

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