Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Communication Update

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Due to the vast amount of changes occurring in the digital scrapbooking market in the last week, and the information in the article posted below, I have been flooded with questions.  It is becoming impossible to individually answer everyone's questions in the manner that I normally like to do, so I compiled a list of questions and answers for you to refer to until I can catch back up on my communication.  Thank you so much for your continued support and your patience!

6/24/2013  This information was officially announced from Creative Memories regarding digital software and products:

What is the future of StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager Software? And what is the overall plan for digital?
All along, Creative Memories has contracted with a company called Panstoria, who developed and owns the rights to StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager. So even though Creative Memories is transitioning out of the software, and the new company will not sell the software in the future, that doesn’t mean that StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager will not exist or be supported. We’re currently working with Panstoria and other digital vendors to define what the future looks like for the digital business.

We’re working hard to find an answer that supports digital customers, enables a great consumer experience, and is more pleasing than shutting it down. We’re taking a strong stand to find a way for the digital business to continue, so current and future digital customers can be supported. The best-case scenario is that we can find a backer for the digital business so existing software customers can order products uninterrupted through a different interface. Those conversations are in process, and we expect to have more to share with you in a month or so.

The new company simply can’t bring digital forward in its current condition. The new company will include digital; it will just be starting with a new foundation.


1.  Can I still use StoryBook and Memory Manager?
Yes, both programs are installed on your computer.  They will continue to work.  The issue is future software support and updates.

2. Do your templates I purchased from you work in Artisan?
Yes, they are .page files so they work in SBC 3.0, SBC 4.0 and Artisan.

3.  How do I convert my Creative Memories digital content to work in Artisan?
At this time, I would not spend time converting content.  Creative Memories and Panstoria are still in Bankruptcy proceeding negoiations and it has not been determined yet if Creative Memories will allow Panstoria to unlock StoryBook digital content for Artisan users.

4.  What is "Historian"?
Historian is software designed by Panstoria that will be released soon.  If you currently use Memory Manager, you will be able to open your vaults in Historian.  NOTE: If you have Memory Manager 3.0 you DO NOT have to upgrade to Memory Manager 4.0 in order to open your vaults in Historian.

5.  Where do you print your projects?
I prominently use Blurb and Shutterfly for photobooks.  I use Scrapping Simply for 12x12 page prints.

I will keep the updates coming as fast as I can!
Thank you,

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