Sunday, July 1, 2012

StoryBook 4.0 Is Working With QUICKGRIDS Again!!

Today is a happy day for QUICKGRIDS!  The new update to StoryBook 4.0 released today fixed the bug that caused photo frames to not to "snap to grids" properly.  This made altering QUICKGRIDS templates very difficult.  The new update fixed the issue and they are back to snapping again!  Thank you Creative Memories software developers!  Below is a screen shot of the update information.  The yellow highlighted bullet point made my day!  To purchase the QUICKGRIDS templates click on the "Shop QUICKGRIDS Templates for SBC4.0" link above.


  1. Love using the Quickgrids! They make my albums have a uniform and clean look to them, without being redundant. Thanks so much!

    Are you going to make any more templates?

  2. Thank you SuziQCat! I am happy to hear you like them! I am thinking about designing a new line of QUICKGRIDS based on the number of photos per page. I am waiting to see what other changes are made to the software before I tackle this huge project. Stay Tuned!


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